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Jo Browne Natural Solid Perfume

Jo Browne fragrances are individually handmade using organic beeswax and essential oils, a process which takes up to 6 months. The bamboo tube packaging not only looks really attractive, but is natural, ecological and from a sustainable source.


An elegant floral composition where sparkling bergamot and grapefruit rest upon a full blooming heart of wild jasmine, tuberose, lilac and orange blossom twisted with lemongrass. Sandalwood and myrrh form the base with a whisper of green violet leaf.






A rich sensual foundation with sandalwood, clove, hazelnut and coriander given freshness by a citrus top note of winter lemon and palma rosa enriched by a delicate floral heart of pink pepper with a touch of spiced tea and honey.






A sweet edible citrus accord with top notes of orchid, candy floss and citrus followed by a sweet heart with rosewood and neroli on a base of crushed vanilla pods, musk, almond and amber.




Importance of Ingredients
At Jo Browne all recipes are a combination of carefully selected ingredients, organic when economically possible and always natural. The skin is our largest organ. It absorbs into the body much of what it comes in contact with. When choosing ingredients for Jo Browne's fragrances, they must be good enough to eat and be beneficial for the skin.

The following ingredients are NEVER found in Jo Browne products:
SLS (sodium laurel sulfate)
Artifical colours
– Lanolin
GMO ingredients

All products are blended by hand and poured individually for superior freshness and quality control then hand poured into eco-friendly packaging.

Organic Beeswax
The cosmetics industry loves beeswax because not only is it natural and non-toxic, it provides benefits to the skin and to various types of formulas. It’s a “thickening agent,” for instance, which means that it can help thicken creams to make them easier to use and more spreadable on the skin.

Mango Butter
Mango butter is highly effective as far as caring for the skin is concerned. It is highly nourishing for the skin and hydrates it really well. Mango butter is even used for consumption in certain cases.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E known is well known for promoting healthy and clear skin. This natural oil is one of the main ingredients as it fights free radicals from the environment such as pollution and sun damage, can smooth and heal the skin from cracks and dryness. It reduces the appearance of age spots and helps to repair skin tissue.

JoJoba Oil
This property of jojoba also makes it much more potent and convenient for use in skin care. It absorbs easily into the skin, and delivers instant hydration and moisturisation. It’s easy to mix in with other ingredients because it has no scent, and because it’s so light.

Rice Bran Oil
The main benefit of rice bran oil to the skin is its wonderful deep-moisturising capability. This is due to its combination of vitamin E and fatty acids, which go deep into skin to improve its ability to hold onto hydration. Rice bran oil also contains “squalane,” which is a natural organic compound which helps the skin naturally regenerate itself, leading to younger, fresher looking skin. 

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