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Academie Derm Acte Skin Treatments

The Academie Derm Acte facials and product range are halfway between cosmetology and dermatology. These are expert skin treatments and prescription products that use powerful active ingredients , an alternative to plastic surgery.


Brightening & Complexion Corrector Expert Treatment - Aka 'The Bridal Facial'            this facial is perfect for brides preparing for their big day! The facial works to improve skin clarity, improving pigmentation, and brightening skin tone. Leaves the skin luminous, clearer, even and more youthful - 60m / 70e  BOOK NOW: https://reveal.ie/book-now/


Microdermabrasion Expert Treatment for Face & Hands - (No Machines, No downtime!)   Perfect for all year round exfoliation, removing dead cells and debris allowing your skincare and makeup to be effective - 60m / 70e                                                  BOOK NOW: https://reveal.ie/book-now/


Moisturising & Antioxidant Expert Treatment - AKA 'The Winter Facial'                                  A set of serums are slowly worked deep into the skins layers finishing with a deeply hydrating masque. This facial works to protect and intensely hydrate leaving you with nourished skin. Suitable for dehydrated , dry, irritated skin or where you are recovering from winter illness - 75m / 75e BOOK NOW: https://reveal.ie/book-now/


Intense Age Recovery & Radiance Expert Treatment Mature Skins                        This luxurious facial addresses the skin concerns of the mature lady - works on microcirculation, promoting firmness, and bringing back radiance to the skin - 75m / 75e     BOOK NOW: https://reveal.ie/book-now/


Academie Nourishing Facial - All Skin Types 

This facial has been designed by the Reveal Team to introduce you to the best of the Academie Skincare family. This facial suits even the most sensitive skin types. The facial works to slowly cleanse & exfoliate to remove sebum and dead skin build up finishing with a multivitamin mask and eye treatment. Skin feels super soft, clean and bright. A range of products and follow on facials can be recommended. 60m / €65

BOOK NOW: https://reveal.ie/book-now/



Academie Derm Acte Expert Skin Treatments and Products work to solve common skin concerns:

- Dehydration

- Cutaneous Slackening (Skin tone is lost over the years to lack of care, over exposure to the sun, smoking, stress, poor nutrition)

- Deep and fine lines

- Oxidative Stress

- Skin Imperfections

- Cutaneous Intolerance (Skin sensitivity to ingredients & chemicals)

- Skin Pigmentation


Active Ingredients Used over the range:

- High & Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid

- Vectorized Vitamins E & C (derivatives)

- Native Collagen

- Tetrapeptide & Tripeptide

- Filling Spheres

- Glycolic acid

- Salicylic Acid

- Lactic Acid


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