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Bronze Leaf Tan

Bronze Leaf has been developed with a unique organic formula, enriched with deep moisturisers and exotic botanical extracts that tone and firm the skin fighting cellulite whilst developing a naturally youthful, sunkissed glow.



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To purchase any of the Bronze Leaf Retail Range for personal tanning please visit our sister website: https://www.fayrebeauty.com/brand/bronze-leaf-tan.html



PRO Spray Tanning Options 

8% Light Tan - this is the perfect wedding tan. For lighter skin tones this will give a beautiful natural golden lasting tan. 


10% Medium Tan - The most widely used shade within the Bronze Leaf range. This will suit all skin types and give a deep 'just back from a two week holiday ' look!


12% Dark Tan - Best suited for those who tan darkly with skin that would not burn in the natural sun. 


The 2-to-6 RAPID Tan

The concept

This is a brand new tanning solution from Bronze Leaf that uses enhanced DHA penetration to ensure that the tanning process is much faster acting, taking just 2-6 hours to develop.  It is an extremely beneficial solution for those clients with busy schedules.  

Not only does it provide greater convenience for clients on the move, but it is also a fantastic option for those who want to avoid a discolouration on bedding, or for those who have an event to attend and ‘no time to wait’ before they can shower.

The product allows clients to individualise their tanning experience to the depth level they prefer.  Perhaps they wish to be lighter one week and darker the next, but do not want the concerns of changing to a different ‘untried’ formula, blend or depth.  

With this product, the client is in charge of their tan shade, and can adjust the final tan colouration depending on when they choose to shower off their developing solution.


Shower at 2 hours for a light depth tan

Shower at 4 hours for a medium depth tan

Shower at 6 hours or more for a dark depth tan


It is not recommended to postpone the post tan shower for any longer than 6 hours.  The colour will continue to deepen over 12-36 hours due to the second longer lasting DHA that has been specifically developed for the 2-6 hour tanning revolution experience; leaving the client with a rich, golden brown, natural looking finish.

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