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Waxing by WaxLogic

Wax Logic is a new concept in waxing. Founder Noiren Carrigg has taken the latest ingredients and combined them to treat and protect the skin while producing optimal hair removal each and every time.


*** Please note prices may vary depending on area size and regrowth***

*** 24 Hour Patch Test Required for first time visits *** 

To view our list of current body waxing treatments and book please click here: https://reveal.ie/book-now/






- Treat & Protect: Each wax is created with 2 "Core Ingredients" one to protect the skin from the waxing process and one to treat the skin during and for up to 24 hours after waxing. This means LESS PAIN and improved skin texture after the waxing treatment has been completed. 

- "Safe Heat Technology": WaxLogic specially created waxes are more vitreous with safe heat technology allowing increased temperature. This means as a client you get the speed and economy of a warm wax with the benefits of a hot wax. 


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