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YUMI Lashes

At REVEAL LashRoom Tullamore, our YUMI Lash Treatment is carried out by a certified Lash Technician.



FIRST VISIT €75 - Includes Consultation / Patch Test / YUMI Treatment / YUMI Aftercare Product



DURATION: 50-55 Minutes

ABOUT:  YUMI Lashes are the best alternative to eyelash extensions if you have thick, strong and healthy lashes that lengthen easily with a good mascara.

Based on the old school lash semi-perming techniques, YUMI Lashes are the newest eyelash treatment designed to accentuate the eyes, following eyelash tinting, eyelash extensions or permanent eye-liner.

Using a silicon shield rather than a rod and a new gel formulation, YUMI Lashes straighten rather than curl eyelashes to give a fabulous wide-eyed look that is completely natural.

If your lashes are not strong, long enough or if you prefer a little more drama,  Indivuial Lash Extensions are a better alternative!


-YUMI Lashes are a treatment working with the clients natural lash. No false lashes are needed

-YUMI Lash treatment takes only 45 minutes and lasts 8 to 10 weeks (natural life of an eyelash)

-YUMI Lashes create a stunning effect, opening the eyes, giving them a younger and brighter look

-YUMI Lashes use a new gel formulation and a silicon shield is used to lift the lashes from the root


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