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Classic Individual Lash Extensions

At REVEAL Makeup Studios Tullamore, our Classic Individual Lash Extensions are applied by our certified lash technicians. We use the very best in Faux Mink fibres with a variety of lengths and volumes to choose from.




*** 24 hour Patch Test Required on all first time visits *** 

Please call to studios or call 05793 27923 to speak to us. 

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PLEASE NOTE: Lashes must be free from eye makeup especially mascara for at least an hour prior to your appointment for the bond to adhere correctly to the natural lash. 

HYBRID LASHES: Are a mix of Classic Lashes and Russian Volume Lashes for time pressed clients giving you length and more volume in less time.



Classic Individual Lash Extensions are applied to clean lashes using the 1-2-1 method. 

On average as a daily makeup wearer they will last 2 - 2.5 weeks following the correct aftercare guidelines.

In some cases where little or no makeup or great care is taken with the lash extensions will you get a longer last time, in the case 3 - 3.5 weeks. 

After this time you can get a infil of individual lashes to replace any that have shed. Alternatively you can soak off the remaining lashes and apply a new set. Our lash technicians are on hand to give you the best advice and recommendations to ensure your own lashes remain healthy. 

Benefits of choosing Classic Individual Lash Extensions:

- Lashes don't 'clump' like traditional 'false' lashes.

-Lashes are virtually weightless & are applied to your lashes one at a time.

-Lashes are longer, thicker, natural looking lashes that are comfortable to wear and last between 2-2.5  weeks rather than just a few days.

-Lashes are darker than natural lashes so you won't need to wear mascara and you can also shower, exercise, swim, without worrying about them falling out.

Classic Individual Lash Extension treatments result in longer, thicker and darker lashes

-No need for mascara, although water based mascara can be applied to the tips of the lashes for extra definition.

-Lashes are weightless, softer and curved

-Lashes are extremely comfortable and do not cause the natural lashes to fall out prematurely.

-Quick and simple application taking between 1 and 1 and a half hours with no discomfort.

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