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HD Airbrushed Makeup

“High Definition Makeup and HD Airbrushed Makeup is a fantastic way to achieve a flawless finish for any event or Special Occasion"

Airbrushed Makeup Services (Choice of KETT or AIRBASE)

PRICE: €30 No Lashes

PRICE: €35 With Lashes



"As a Makeup Artist, airbrushing has become increasingly popular with clients in the studio and with HD Cameras and Film magnifying the face up to 1000 times more, it is the best way to achieve a flawless foundation without looking caked or heavy!"





- Perfect for Bridal Makeup / Special Occasions

- Look natural and radiant “Barely There” look!

- Gives a beautiful flawless finish

- Excellent for HD Cameras and Film

- Evens out skin tone

- Camouflages Redness, Rosacea and other skin conditions

- Works with skin sensitivity

- Hypoallergenic

- Up to 16 hours wear, no touch up required

- Hides breakouts and does not irritate spots, breakouts.

- No brush marks

- Sets upon application

- A variety of shades available to match your skin tone

Water-based high definition airbrushed makeup from KETT sets immediately. There’s no drying time. There’s no “sticky feeling”. You do not need to “set it” with powder. Once you apply it, it’s good for over twelve hours. What’s more, it will never run, fade nor cake on you.

True water-based makeup is hypoallergenic. Sensitivity to makeup is because of the alcohol and silicone. Water Based Airbrush Foundation doesn’t clog your pores, doesn’t dry your skin. In fact, it lets your skin “breath” because of the way the airbrush works.

KETT WATER BASED FOUNDATION works best on a combination to oily skin type.



AIRBASE is a silicone based makeup.

Silicone formulas work best on a dry , dehydrated skin type to enhance the glow of the natural skin creating a soft dewy finish and to create the ultimate healthy skin result.

Silicone allows you to work onwards with powder and similar products making it a great base for touch ups and building a makeup look.


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