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Swarovski Manicure & Pedicure

Give your hands and feet the royal treatment with a Swarovski crystal manicure or pedicure, the latest in luxurious pampering. Individual crystals are placed on fingers or toes to create an eye-catching, glittering alternative to varnish.



Swarovski Row Design - €2 per nail 

Full Swarovski nail cover €5 per nail 

*** Prices may vary depending on design required***



Swarovski Row Design - €2 per nail 

Full Swarovski nail cover €5 per nail 

Full Swarovski nail cover €10 per big toe

*** Prices may vary depending on design required ***



There are various options if you decide to indulge in a Swarovski manicure or pedicure.

For all out opulence, you can have crystals on all ten fingers or toes, or if you want something a bit more subtle, you could opt to have diamonds applied on your big toes or thumbs only.

Hands and Feet are carefully prepped and treated with a Gel Manicure or Pedicure before crystals are applied carefully in the design of your choice!

The crystals are then set to ensure your hands or toes look amazing for up to three to six weeks, depending on which products are used. 


If you want to be noticed, then yes! There’s no point getting a Swarovski manicure or pedicure and then hiding away - with nails as pretty as these, you’ll need to flaunt them. 


Around 300 Swarovski crystals are used if you opt to have each toe or finger decorated - that’s some serious sparkle.

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