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Bel Mondo Skincare Collection 2015 at REVEAL!

29th January 2015

We are delighted to be the official retailer of American brand Bel Mondo Beauty at REVEAL MAKEUP STUDIOS TULLAMORE. Bel Mondo Beauty offers the only Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask on the market!

Bel Mondo Beauty facial masks are made strictly from pure microbial cellulose – not paper, pulp, or rayon cellulose. Bel Mondo Face Masks specialize in this premium niche because pure bio cellulose is by far the best mask fabric you can use to hydrate and treat your skin.

What' s so good about them ? 

  • Long lasting Moisture Retention - loses less than 10% of its moisture even after wearing it for 30 minutes. Other masks lose more than 40% ! 
  • Super Adhesion - they fit like a second skin!
  • Efficient Ingredient Penetration - Transfer of a high volume of ingredients through the skins layers in just 20 minutes. 

Available as part of our facials or you can purchase a Bel Mondo Sheet Mask for home use from just €12 ! 

Types of Bel Mondo Sheet Masks available include: 

- Calming for sensitive skin

- Hydrating for drier skins

- Anti Aging for more mature skins or for those conscious of fine lines and pigmentation concerns 


Available online or at our studios !

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