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Brow Boost Serum from Billion Dollar Brows

23rd April 2015

You know Brow Boost is the quickest, quickest, easiest way to condition and strengthen brows! So let us tell you the magic ingredients to the Billion Dollar Brow Boost Serum and how it works!


Pelvetia Canaliculata, also known as Channelled Wrack, is a brown bushy algae (seaweed) that grows on the upper shores of Europe.

Laminaria Digitata, commonly known as Oarweed, is a large brown kelp native to the north Atlantic region of the globe.



When Channelled Wrack is combined with Oarweed, not only can you increase hair growth by up to 27%, but over the course of 2 months, you can actually increase the number of hairs by up to 10%.


You can’t magically produce increasing amounts of hair forever, but the combination of these two all-natural ingredients optimizes your own hair-growing potential and then, with continued use, keeps it at its best.

Lucky for you, these two hair growth powerhouses are combined in one simple, easy to use tube!

The Channelled Wrack in Brow Boost is full of amino acids (proteins that help fuel hair growth) plus antioxidants that infuse your scalp with the weapons it needs to counter damage from heat, bacteria, pollutants, and yes—plucking.

The Oarweed functions as a natural cleanser that energizes hair growth by binding to oils and dirt keeping follicles clear and prepared to produce healthy hair.

It’s surprisingly simple! Brow Boost gives your body the support it needs to maximize its brow-beautiful potential!

Brow Boost Serum is available at Reveal Makeup Studios 05793 27923 or click here: http://reveal.ie/shop-for-products/billion-dollar-brows

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