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Brow Shaping Tips from the Reveal Glam Squad!

23rd March 2016

We love everything to do with brows and the amazing results brow treatments can have on your face structure. We have compiled our top tips for maintaining your Brow Shape in between treatments !

Brow Tips

• Don’t touch brows in between treatments. This allows all the hairs to grow up together and get removed all at once.

• Maintenance treatments are advised every 4-6 weeks to maintain and train brows into the shape recommended for your face shape.

• Brow Growth Serums are recommended for night time use to speed up the regrowth process of live hair follicles and to maintain healthy brow hair.

• Brow Tint will fade if exposed to harsh skincare products, chlorine and saltwater. Try to clean with a natural oil to maintain colour for longer or equally use toner and skincare products to tone brow tint down post treatment.

• Filling in brows in between treatments with a pencil / gel /powder help to maintain the brow design in between treatments and to keep you from plucking hairs.

• Finally with more emphasis on brows these days, ensure you gently clean brow makeup away daily to keep pores clear and use your brow serum at night to nourish follicles.

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