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Health & Nutrition Workshops January 2020

29th December 2019

New for 2020, our nutrition workshops focus on the links between good food choices and its benefits for the body particularly the skin, hair and nails. In addition the classes look at the benefits of a healthy diet and sleep , brain function, weight loss and abundant energy levels.


Reveal Nutrition Workshops focus on the essential elements for overall health and wellbeing. The classes focus on how improved nutrition can notably improve the appearance of skin, hair and nails.

The classes also focus on nutrition and a clearer mind addressing brain fog and how with improved food choices this can lead to clarity of thinking. 

Busy lives and poor food choices can lead to weight gain and low energy levels in todays society.  Combined with a stressful  lifestyle this can create a cycle of  unhealthy habits. Reveal's nutrition classes work help identify triggers, put food plans in place to work around busy lives as well as recommending tools to keep you on track with your health goals for 2020. 




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