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Jo Browne Natural Solid Perfume at Reveal !

28th September 2016

Beautiful scents and completely natural! Solid Natural Perfume from Jo Browne comes in three notes: Floral, Sweet and Oriental. Finished in unique bamboo packaging , these are perfect for even the smallest clutch bag, for travel and of course as a lovely gift!

What is unique about Jo Browne Natural Solid Perfume: 

It's Irish and Jo hand blends and hand pours all her products for superior freshness and the highest quality standards in Co. Carlow

Jo Browne Natural Solid Perfume is free from: 

- Phenoxyethanol

- Parabens

- Petrochemicalsc

- SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulphate

- Artificial Colours

- Lanolin

- GMO Ingredients 


Jo Browne Natural Solid Perfume Contains: 

- Mango Butter 

- Organic Beeswax 

- Vitamin E 

- Jojoba Oil 

- Rice Bran Oil

- Various Essential Oil Blends  

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