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Tell Me More About Salicylic Acid ?

7th January 2019

Salicylic Acid, so what is it and what can it do for my skin ?!
















Salicylic Acid is one of several Beta Hydroxy Acids and is used in skincare as an exfoliant. It also is well known for tackling acne symptoms, breakouts and flare ups.

Salicylic Acid as an exfoliant works to dissolve dead skin cells on the surface of the epidermis to help reduce build-up and blocked pores allowing for the quicker formation of newer skin cells.

Other skincare products then act more efficiently by being able to penetrate more efficiently through the skin’s outer layers to reach the dermis.

Skincare products can increase sensitivity to sunlight , it is always recommended to wear SPF when undergoing skin treatments and using skincare products containing Salicylic Acid.

Salicylic Acid may initially cause some dryness , peeling and flaking as dead skin layers are dissolved and shed away. A recommended skincare routine using the best products for your skin type is recommended to follow.

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