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The Benefits of Solo Travel

26th February 2020

As part of my journey into self -discovery, one of my favourite things to do is travel alone when I need some headspace , a break , a change from the norm.

One of the recent things on my bucket list was Clifden, Connemara and Kylemore Abbey and wow they are amazing parts of Ireland.  After some exploring and resting I got dressed up, had a lovely meal with myself in the local restaurant and caught up on one of my many books received over Christmas.

Solo travel for me has so many benefits for mind, body, spirit and it’s where my ‘reveal reset’ mantra came from.  Taking yourself away from your everyday environment for a period whether that is 60mins to 2 days can give you incredible insight to yourself and assist you with challenges or decisions or simply just resting and enjoying life.


My top benefits of spending time alone!


  1. Clears the mind – helps with decision making
  2. Lifts your energy – sense of adventure
  3. Freedom -
  4. Liberation
  5. See new things
  6. Experience
  7. Senses engaged
  8. Pushing yourself forward
  9. Perspective
  10. Appreciation
  11. Feel good
  12. Mental / Physical / Emotional health


Start small! The idea of spending time alone may not sound appealing to everyone , but trust me it will bring about a positive energy shift in your everyday life from something small to larger changes in career / relationships for example.


  1. Having a coffee somewhere new alone
  2. Having lunch somewhere new alone
  3. Taking a different route by car
  4. Day trip somewhere new
  5. New walk / trail
  6. Solo cinema experience


Finally, when planning a solo trip always be safe and consider your surroundings. Let a family member of friend know where you will be and how to contact you xx

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