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Top Tips for Healthy Digestion - FACEBOOK LIVE 31st MARCH 2020

31st March 2020

Thank you for watching my facebook live today ! I have shared it onto my Facebook Page so you can watch in your own time or send it to someone who may benefit from these tips!






As mentioned the gut is our ‘second brain’ so in times of stress , anxiety or major change it is not uncommon for some of you to experience:

  1. Heartburn
  2. stomach cramps
  3. excess gas and wind
  4. constipation
  5. loose stools
  6. burning sensation in the chest
  7. acid reflux
  8. stomach bloating




If any of these symptoms are new for you here are some tip easy tips to look after your digestion from today!


  1. Drink water – mild heartburn can indicate dehydration so up the water!
  2. Digestion Friendly Foods – Salmon / Bone Broth / Leafy Greens / Ginger & Tumeric Root (Anti-inflammatories)
  3. What is your load factor ??– sensitivities can arise if you are eating / drinking too much of the one thing (caffeine / spicy foods / fatty foods / processed foods / bread / alcohol)
  4. Eat a variety of foods – alternate your days and foods that you eat – try out new things it will improve your digestion and help you continue to enjoy the foods / drinks you love but keeping your load factor down and reduce sensitivity / intolerance
  5. Common triggers foods / drinks for digestion: Caffeine / Alcohol / Fizzy drinks / Processed food /baked goods including bread for some / spicy foods / tomatoes / garlic / onions / leeks
  6. When you eat : HELP YOUR DIGESTION!!!!
  • Eat when calm and relaxed so your brain and stomach engage
  • Chew your food , ease the pressure on your stomach by eating small mouthfuls , chewing and get some work done for your stomach !
  • Fruit / Veg / Whole grains add bulk to your diet. RESULT = bowel movement and keep regular if constipated.
  1. FOOD DIARY: Now is the perfect time to do a food diary ! jot down absolutely everything you eat and drink for 7 days and see what picture forms ! Include your water / alcohol / exercise / sleep / stress days  - you may be shocked at the result FREE TEMPLATE from catriona@reveal.ie


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