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'Reveal Reset' Individual Health Coaching Plan

The ‘Reveal Reset’ Health & Nutrition Programme is a 4 visit health plan set out by you and mentored by me, Catriona, to lead you towards a healthier lifestyle. I advocate long lasting positive changes to your diet and lifestyle, giving you tools to help you makes these adjustments and stick to them!













The ‘Reveal Reset’ concept focuses on key areas:



  • Nutrition, diet,  & reducing your chemical load / exposure to improve body function and resilience
  • Nutrition to improve your skin, hair and nails.
  • Goal Setting e.g measurements, sizes, shape, tone
  • Nutrition, diet for optimal energy tackling stress, burnout and chronic mental fatigue



  • Positive thought practices and exercises helping to understand emotions and ‘triggers’
  • Sleep and developing better sleep hygiene



  • Moving more and the benefits of exercise - how to incorporate into your day
  • Benefits of cardio, resistance and flexibility training 



  • Concise shopping list supporting local business
  • Online support through our private Facebook nutrition and health group
  • Personal online call support



  • Initial Consultation & Deposit 30 minutes – Here I will meet with you to discuss your plans for change. I will request you to complete a 7 day food and lifestyle diary as well as a short consultation form to help me focus on your key areas of change.
  • 1st visit  – 1.5 hour
  • 2nd visit – 1 hour (1 week later)
  • 3rd Visit – 1 hour (2 weeks later)
  • 4th Visit – 1 hour (3 Weeks later)



Fee Plan

Total €349

Consult : Deposit €120, Balance of €229 due on first visit.

I want to become healthy in mind and body - sign me up now !!!!





What does my four-visit plan take?

  1. Be Brave
  2. Embrace
  3. Effort
  4. Patience



I’m not going to transform your life in 4 visits but I absolutely will help you to look at your  present lifestyle and see what tools you need to make changes in your nutrition, improve your sleep , have more energy and develop a more positive and resilient mindset.

To allow me to do my best for you I need from my client:

Be Brave – Invest in yourself , if you think my programme is calling to you then take the first step and contact me today to talk through the details.

Embrace – Commitment. I need your buy in! In between visits I need you to make the changes. Some will suit, some will not. By assessing each visit I can work with you to really make a difference to your nutrition and lifestyle. As you begin to see small positive changes it will encourage you to do more!

Effort – This is not a quick fix! This will take more time and effort after the four visits are finished. I expect challenges, I expect difficulties but ultimately, we need these to become stronger in mind and body.

Patience -  Be patient with your mind and be patient with your body. You are revealing the true you a stronger , healthier individual !





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