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What is ' REVEAL RESET ' ?




I decided to return to study in 2018. I was always passionate about nutrition and health. Talking with clients is part of my job! I was noticing more and more clients suffering from burnout, stress ,fatigue and as a result making poor food and lifestyle choices. 

This usually came to me in the form of a skincare question but I was more intrigued as to what was going on within the person , in other words how to correct or reset from the inside out.







On a personal level, I too was suffering fatigue, lack of energy and feeling more sluggish. I myself needed a change. 

Studying with the Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health Dublin allowed me to change myself and I qualified as a Health Coach in July 2019 where I can now begin to help others RESET and do the same! 



The ‘Reveal Reset’ concept addresses issues like:

  • Mindful Eating and working towards a balanced relationship with food.
  • Blood sugar control and managing your struggle with cravings
  • Nutrition & reducing your chemical load to improve body function and resilience
  • Nutrition & food plans to improve your skin, hair and nails.
  • Nutrition for optimal energy tackling stress, burnout and chronic mental fatigue
  • Sleep and developing better sleep hygiene
  • Moving more and the benefits of exercise
  • Positive thought practices and creating a happier lifestyle


€99 Health Coaching Bundle Offer (Normal RRP €160) valid until 31st May 2020 

Includes 2 x 60m Online Health Coaching Sessions

For more details click here: https://www.reveal.ie/our-courses/online-personal-health-coaching-2-sessions-a-99

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