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Academie Derm Acte SkinCare

The Derm Acte collection from Academie Paris is the most favourite and sought after at Reveal. 'DERM ACTE' is the meeting of two worlds: Aesthetic Medicine Procedures and Cosmetics. In short the pleasure of everyday skincare but with a scientific twist delivering unmatched skin results but without any downtime.




Derm Acte Collection

1. Resurfacing Scrub

  • Works well with Ultimate Line Correcting Serum & Multi-Correction Age Recovery Cream
  • An soft facial scrub concentrated in Vitamin E to sooth , cellulose and silica to unclog impurities  , eliminate dead skin cells and smooth the skin.
  • Skin is brighter, pores are refined. Promotes clear, soft and smooth skin.
  • Use 1-2 times per week

2. Double Sided Peel Pads 

  • Works well with Ultimate Line Correcting Serum & Multi-Correction Age Recovery Cream
  • Perfect for travel
  • Pre soaked cleansing peel pads
  • Eliminates dead skin cells
  • Evens out the skins complexion
  • Promotes radiant skin
  • Use in the evening time – 2/3 times per week after makeup removal

3. 4D Intensive Moisturising Serum

  • Works well with High Vitamin Moisturising Cream & Restorative Exfoliating Night Cream
  • SME (SubMiconic Emulsion Technology) exclusive to Academie. This allows product to work easily within the skins layers. The product is enjoyed , it works with no downtime
  • The highest hyaluronic acid concentration in a serum
  • Retains water in the cells promoting healthy, radiant , deeply hydrated skin
  • Use morning and / or evening

4. Ultimate Line Correcting Serum 

  • Works well with Multi-Correction Age Recovery Cream and Double Sided Peel Pads
  • Works on all types of skin lines (deep / expression / surface / fatigue / dehydrated)
  • Smoothes day after day
  • Fills out the skin, promotes luminosity and radiance 
  • Light, easy, non-sticky texture
  • Improves skin hydration

5. High Vitamin Moisturising Cream 

  • Works well with: 4D Intensive Moisturising Serum & 365 UV Screen Protection
  • Unique blend of Vitamin B5 , Vitamin E, Vitamin F  - together they sooth, smooth, hydrate and work to reduce signs of fatigue
  • Intense hydrator due to the different forms of hyaluronic acid
  • Reinforces the skins protective barrier

6. Multi Correction Age Recovery Cream 

  • Works well with 4D Intensive Moisturising Serum, Ultimate Line Correcting Serum, Double Sided Peel Pads
  • Perfect for desk job worker – protection against blue LED light, dehydration, stress, fatigue, pollution
  • Smoothes the skin, promotes fullness and firmness to the skins structure
  • Works to reduce pigmentary spots and evens out the complexion

7. Restorative Exfoliating Night Cream

  • Works well with Ultimate Line Correcting Serum & Multi-Correction Age Recovery Cream
  • Use only at night on cleansed skin & neck , can also be used on hands.
  • Scientific Results after 4 weeks show 100% participants found skin smoother , fine lines / deep lines are reduced!
  • Smoothes and exfoliates the skin with each application
  • Light , moisturising texture that melts into the skin
  • Breaks down dead skin cells on the surface of the epidermis allowing skincare to work better and to reach within the skins layers

8. Instant Deep Line Filler 

  • Works well with Ultimate Line Correcting Serum & Multi-Correction Age Recovery Cream
  • Acts in 3 ways – smooths out the skin instantly , diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dehydrated lines and reduces the signs of aging
  • Covers imperfections
  • Illuminates the skin
  • Use morning / night. Excellent under makeup especially around the eye and mouth area

9. Ultimate Eye Corrector 

  • Works well with Multi-Correction Age Recovery Cream and Restorative Night Cream
  • 2 IN 1 ! Use on eye area and on eyelashes
  • Reduces deep and fine lines as well as firming the delicate area around the eye
  • Use to add volume to lashes , stimulates growth
  • Eye area looks fresher and brighter
  • Use morning and/or evening. Apply gently to the eye area . finish by placing your index finger under the lash line and lift towards the upper eyelid for an ‘eyelash’ curler effect

10. Multivitamin Mask 

  • Works well with facial scrub and multi-correction age recovery cream
  • Rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin C , Provitamin B5,
  • Recovers skins hydration level
  • Reinforces the skins barrier
  • Illuminates
  • Beautiful creamy texture
  • Use 1-2 times per week at night. Apply on a cleansed face avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 15 / 20 minutes. After the time blend in the remainder


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