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Billion Dollar Brows -Pencil

Billion Dollar Brows is a brand at Reveal since 2012! With wearable brow shades and a collection of useful effective products , Reveal cannot recommend enough!



Billion Dollar Brow Pencils are available in a variety of natural shades 


Universal Brow Pencil  (Taupe only) This was the first original pencil by Billion Dollar Brows and continues to be the best selling all round brow pencil in the range. The shade is wearable and natural and works well for all . Glides on gently to brow hair and stays in place. 

Triple Threat Triangular Pencil (Taupe & Blonde Shades) Use the tip for light strokes , the side angle to carve out your brow frame and flat base to shade in the centre of your brow! 


Micro Pencil (Taupe (best seller) / Blonde / Light Brown (red hair) / Raven (very dark / black hair) A fine micro tip use to create feather strokes at the start of the brow - great for mimicking fine eyebrow hairs that leaves a defined but natural result. 

Duo Highlighter & Concealer Pencil A personal favourite. Use the highlight side to lighten the inner corner of the eye and to give the illusion of a lifted arch. Use the concealer side to clean up any mistake from filling in and to give prominence to a great brow fill and shape! 




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